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June 7, 2006 by TasT
Have youever asked youself why you associate all Digital Music players to theterm iPod? Is it because Apple makes the best digital music player?No. Is it because all digital music players are iPods? No. Friendsit’s simply because they market their digital music player andbecause they do, they have a 70%+ share of the market.
I mustadmit I own an iPod, well if you count my daughters Nano I guess Iown two. I don’t own them because of marketing though, I ownone them because of what ...
June 4, 2006 by TasT
Afterpurchasing and using my 5G iPod for a few weeks it became apparent tome that I needed a set of external speakers for use at work and in myshop. I was hooked on having my entire music collection at myfingertips but felt tethered to the ear buds. Not knowing exactlywhat was out there I set my requirements. Simple I thought I neededa set of speakers that also came with a FM radio receiver so I couldlisten to sports talk radio and Baseball games.
Theobvious choice would be the iBoom. I loo...
September 13, 2005 by TasT
It's that time again.


Time for the company to do their yearly United Way Drive.  A silly PR stunt that many companies participate in each year.  From what I gather it works like this, they send each employee a little card that enables you to donate a percentage or a fixed amount to the United Way or through the United Way to your designated Cause.  But what it's really an effort on the companies part to be able to say that their company had 100% participation in a cha...
August 20, 2005 by TasT
Down On The Corner By The Traffic LightEverybody's Lookin' As She Goes ByThey Turn Their Heads And They Watch Her Till She's GoneLord Have Mercy Baby's Got Her Blue Jeans OnHeaven Help Us Baby's Got Her Blue Jeans On

~Mel Mcdanie

Ladies from my point of view yourass is one of your best assets to get my attention. A shapely oneis a beautiful sight whether in the nude or in form fitting attire. AsMel insinuates jeans are the best public way to show it off withoutgoing to jail. However, her...
August 20, 2005 by TasT
When I get high
I get high on speed
Top fuel funny car’s
A drug for me
My heart, my heart
Kickstart my heart

~Motley Crue

In a CPR class I attended the other day we were going over the handplacement for chest compressions.  Our instructor went through howto hold your hands and use the heel to do the compressions and placethem in the center of the chest between the "nipples".  Of coursemy twisted brain istantly wondered, "What if I have to do CPR on alarge saggy chested woma...
August 19, 2005 by TasT
I hate "Posers"

Well I used to.

It seems that no matter what what group you choose to belong to thereare always those who want to fit in but don't.  They think that bywearing all the right cloths or saying all the right things that theycan weasel their way in.  We all know that it doesn't work.

When I was younger I despised and made jokes about the posers thatwould show up in the country bars and clubs that I hung out in. You could spot them from a mile away.  They a...
August 19, 2005 by TasT
In the words of Chris Ledoux

You'll ride a black tornado, 'cross the western sky.
Rope an ole blue northern, and milk it til it's dry.
Bull dawg the Mississippi, and pin her ears down flat...
Long before you take this cowboys hat...

For 32 years I have worn cowboy hats and even though I have heard thissong and others like them and heard not to touch a man's hat. Ihad not ever experienced a stranger messing with my hat. Girlfriends and fiends sure but, never a stranger.

That was unt...
December 5, 2004 by TasT
The way I think.  I think it may be messed up.  When I look atsomething I first see how it works or how it was put together.  I analyzeit to some degree before I see anything else.  For example a work ofgraphic art, when I look at one I try to decipher the way it was produced thenwhen I am satisfied that I have a good idea of the piece was made I then look atthe beauty of it.  A friend of mine builds custom motorcycles, once again Isee the design, fit and finish and how it was set up mechanicall...
November 27, 2004 by TasT
In recent weeks there has been much tado about theIdolization of skinny chicks, you know, the supermodel type.  Girls outthere let it be known we don't want them!  they are interesting to look atbut, that's about it. For one thing none of them have any breasts and most of usguys like for our girls to have breasts.  As far as it goes on the otherend no we don't want overweight girls either.  Most of us want to see anormal hourglass figure.  A definite difference between the Chest, Waistand hips, ...
November 19, 2004 by TasT
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November 4, 2004 by TasT
I have sat here and typed then deleted several times,wanting to attack the Senator Kerry supporters that are writing all the nuttystuff in their blogs.  After several articles written in a fury and thenpondered and deleted I realized that I don't want to attack them.  Whatgood would it do to make fun of or ridicule them.  They, I guess need thetime heal after their loss and then maybe they will come around. 

There are things that we will never agree on, but shouldmake comp...
October 25, 2004 by TasT
My parents would have sent me straight out of highschool.  I had the grades and could have gotten the scholarships.  ButI didn't think that I was ready.  So I joined the US Navy.  I knowthat they were all proud of me but, I could feel that they though I squanderedby chance at an education.  I served in the navy for 6 years most of whichas a Cryogenics Tech.  When I got out of the Navy I secured a job with acompany that pays well and has tuition reimbursement. So I t...
October 24, 2004 by TasT
Cute isn't she?
Her name is Mercedes, I adopted her from a local no kill shelter. She had spent the first 3 months of her life in a kennel where she was mistreated and was probably being raised to be a fighting dog. I brought her home and finished nursing her back to health.

Soon after I got her the nearest city to me passed Breed specific legislation (BSL) against "Pit Bull" type dogs. They Claim that it is the dog that 's dangerous! My question is where is the owners responsibility...
October 22, 2004 by TasT
Iam colorblind.  My question is doyou really know what this means?  Forthe majority of those reading this I would guess that you don’t have a realunderstanding of it.  For thisarticle I am not going to go into the detail of the affliction mainly becausethat stuff is just too boring.  Atthe end of the article I’ll give you a list of links for those of you who areinterested in the particulars. What I want is to give you an understanding ofwhat 8% of us guys and .4% of women tha...
October 17, 2004 by TasT
I read the question looked at the answers, then read itagain.

What is your ethnic group?

African-American Asian-American American Indian Pacific Islander Mexican-American White Other_______________How was I supposed to answer this?  I could honestlychoose three of the seven, but the instructions at the top of the form said onlyone answer per question.  I pondered for a while, going through thedifferent options in my head. How was I to make this choice?  If I onlypic...