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Join an Armed Service!
Published on October 11, 2004 By TasT In Misc

    In another blog many people were arguing about what service to your country is and that maybe their kids couldn't handle being in the armed services. Joining an American armed service is a decision that should be left to the individual.  His or her parents should not interfere.  My son is currently at the MEPS station getting sworn into the Marine Core.  I wish that he had at least chosen the Navy, Coast Guard or Air force but, as I said it was not my decision and all I did was give him my opinion. I then left him free to make his own decision. His mother is of course is worried but, we are both proud that he has come to such a distinct, life changing decision and proud that he has chosen to serve his country.  His grandfather and I were in the Navy, his natural father was in the army and my brother was a Marine. 

    Now on to service to your country. This explicitly means that you serve your country.  Not that you started a business or some other economic institution that might help out the economy.  In my mind service to your country means that you have put yourself in the voluntary (unless a real draft is enabled) position where there is a chance that you will lose your life defending your country or you are working in an elected or appointed office in the federal government. There are other government agencies that would qualify as service to your country also but I'm not going to try to get into that list, I would forget someone and they would whine.


Why Serve Your Country

   A recruiter will fill you full of stuff about being proud to be an American, service to your country, defending your nation etc......  These are of course all reasons but there are some that also important.

  • Education and Training
  • Employability
  • Discipline
  • Growing up
  • Getting a Head Start In Life


Education and Training

    The armed services are one of the best places that I can think of to get lots and lots of training in just about any field that you might want to try.  The army lists over 100 jobs link , the Navy lists 29 career fields link , the Marines list 5 career fields link , The Air force lists 5 link , the Coast Guard says they have Dozens link . With all these career out there that the military is willing to teach and give on the job training on, surly anyone can find something. I did in six year the navy trained me to be a propulsion operator/mechanic and a Cryogenic Technician.  This has led to me having a career in the electrical power industry, earning more per year than most people that hold a masters degree.

    To go along with all this the armed services are full of opportunities to gain college credits.  Through Clep courses, Colleges strategically placed near most bases and instructors underway with sailors and marines.  The most important thing for college is the GI Bill and the various college funds that are offered, if a person takes full advantage of these Items they could go to most universities with the government footing the bill.  I am currently finishing up my degree and the GI Bill pays me over 1000 dollars per month to cover the cost of school.


    The service give a person not only the skills that they need to start a career once they are out, but it also teaches leadership, honor and discipline, skills that cannot be taught in any Dale Carnegie course.  Military personnel are taught leadership honor and discipline from their first day of boot camp. The leadership training increases as their rank increases.


This is one of the things that the majority of kids today need a heaping dose of.  And believe me the military will give them that dose.  Mom and Dad it doesn't matter whether you think your kid can take it or not after 8-13 weeks in boot camp they will understand and embrace discipline.  It won't be as hard for them as you think.

Growing UP

Every kid that I have seen complete boot camp has done a great deal of growing up.  Then after 4 years they are usually ready to go to college or enter the workforce.

Getting a Head Start In Life

Think about it with a for year hitch in the service you have a 22 year old that is ready to responsibly enter the workforce, go to college (and pay for it) or make a commitment for another 2-6 years with the armed forces.  All in all they are grown up and ready for what life might throw at them.


My Kid might get shot.

I hate this argument but here goes, currently we have lost 1,211 military members in Iraq and Afghanistan. Yea I know it seems like allot. But lets think about it, there are approximately 200,000 total troops deployed so if my math serves me right we have lost 0.6% of our troops. Knowing that our deployed troops are generally in the 19-24 age group how many of them would we have lost right here at home to auto accidents, drug overdoses, alcohol related accidents or various other things, I would guess the number is higher...... 

The armed services are Good for you

on Dec 02, 2004
But then you add the deaths from all the othr incedents and we have lost twice as many kids than we should have. I win!