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Published on October 12, 2004 By TasT In OS Customization

I had always messed with the look of my computer from animated Icons in Windows 3.11 to windows themes in windows 95 but, I got addicted to windows customization  in 1999.  I was running a couple of web sites and while out looking for a piece of software to review I ran into WindowBlinds.  I just grabbed the shareware version and started using it.  The review turned into more of a how to article when I decided to build a skin.  The skin would be hideous to today's standards but back then it was average.  By the time I finished the skin I was hooked, I bought WindowBlinds at version 1.3 and then a few weeks later I bought Object desktop.

                My websites were both sold about this time so, with nothing to take up my time I dove head first into skinning.  I contributed quite a bit to DesktopX and WindowBlinds as they matured.  Myself and Mormegill made the first NeXT style desktop themes for DesktopX and I created several different objects.

                Some time in 2000 when BuilderBlinds was in transition to SkinStudio I started building a skin you all may know as SlimT.  It was build for me to test new features of SkinStudio and to see if WB could handle a slim titlebar.  The skin was never intended for public consumption.  Mostly because it would not play with WB, the 15 pix high titlebar was just too thin.  However after much urging I make a version with a 19 pixel High titlebar and release both version.  This then spawned several more version of the skin and several skins for other programs to accompany it.

                SlimT was probably the worst thing that every happened to my skinning.  By accident I had created the interface that I prefer to look at probably 98% of the time.  Due to this  and that fact that I have very little time anymore to dedicate to skinning, I have made very few skins, and most of them have been revisions of the slimT stuff.  The addiction is still there and I anticipate every new release of the skinnable programs that I use.  Skinning is a passion for me and one that will probably never go away.  Someday I'll probably have to change my nick to Grandpa TasT.................


    Why is almost all of your stuff grayscale.  The simple answer is that I’m color blind.  The long answer is that I’m color deficient and if it made skins in full color I have to have my color advisor to make sure that I didn’t clash the colors.  What looks great to me would probably look horrid to most of you.  Another reason is that I start almost all of my design work in grayscale and then color it in later, I started this long ago and it just works for me, I can see things in grayscale that I would miss if the piece was in full color and since I don’t usually have someone to advise me on color combinations when I’m working on skinning stuff it stays grayscale.

   My continuing journey in the realm of desktop customization is a fun ride that I hope to be on for a long time!

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on Oct 12, 2004
Intresting! I never make skins of any kind with sounds because I'm deaf. I'm just not stupid enough to trust a sound file. Suppose it has something like offensive words like the 4 letter F word? I don't want people to hear that word each time they close a window or something.
on Oct 12, 2004
No kidding that would be bad :

click "F"
click "F"

When I have to do color I have people to save me and I have learned to work with HTML color codes. I have a chart that lists the codes with thier respective colors. With several years of learning I know what colors go together so I can do it that way though I always have someone check ot before I send it out.
on Oct 19, 2004
Nice article, Tast...and I see nothing wrong with "Grandpa Tast"!
on Apr 01, 2009

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Good memories resurrected though.

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Darn....thought Teryl was around....