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Is it to mechanical?
Published on December 5, 2004 By TasT In Misc

The way I think.  I think it may be messed up.  When I look at something I first see how it works or how it was put together.  I analyze it to some degree before I see anything else.  For example a work of graphic art, when I look at one I try to decipher the way it was produced then when I am satisfied that I have a good idea of the piece was made I then look at the beauty of it.  A friend of mine builds custom motorcycles, once again I see the design, fit and finish and how it was set up mechanically before I see the beauty of it.  My mind works this way with most everything, symmetry, function, design and the mechanical aspects seems to come before form and beauty.  I can enjoy something that many would see as ugly, even horrid, because of the way it was designed or works.

This strange way of seeing things seems to cause problems for me when interacting with those who could really care less how something works or how it was created.  They say I over analyze and take the beauty out of things.  Maybe I do, I just don't know how to look at the world any other way.  I can appreciate the beauty of say, The Gateway arch or The Statue of Liberty  but, I'd rather look at the design and how it was made.

So I guess I'm asking do I need to work on looking at things from surface and try not to analyze them?  Would it bother you if I were with you and you asked me what I though about something and I answered that I really like the mechanical set up or the process it took to finish it but the fit and finish was off, when you were looking at the surface and just saw the finished product?

Maybe they should just not ask my opinion................?

on Dec 05, 2004
Well, the way it looks to me is you are more interested in the creative process, as opposed to the end result. I imagine you will be
a fine engineer or architect one day. And there is nothing wrong with that.
on Dec 05, 2004
Very good deduction on what I might become, I currently work as a control operator in a power plant. My worry is that my method of thinking may be causing problems in my relationships and I really don't know how to deal with it or change it.....
on Dec 05, 2004
I say you look at things like you look at them, accept it and work with it. So your a bit different? It's ok, we arn't all the same.
on Dec 05, 2004
Like a man and a woman....both are needed to create life. Analytical thinking is needed to create beauty; others are needed to enjoy the beauty. As long as you achieve your enjoyment, I don't think there is a wrong way of looking at things.

I don't even know if this post makes sense, but I hope you understand what I mean anyway.
on Dec 06, 2004
Ah, coincidences, don't you love 'em? I just put a post very similarly titled to this one, but very different in content.

I think all you are talking about is perspectives. I've know many people throughout my life who are driven by logic, others by intellect and others by emotions. The trick is being able to control the balance of each as they might apply to a given situation. Obviously, some situations require a stable, logical approach while others need more emotions.

Just so you know, I still don't get it right, even after years of practice.


on Dec 06, 2004
Just so you know, I still don't get it right, even after years of practice.

Thanks that makes me feel a little better about it!
on Dec 07, 2004
Ah balance. Balance is what's wrong with this country and people in general. But then, I used to enjoy music before I lost my balance. Now I compose and manipulate, decompose and critique, and ultimately surrender to inadequacy. Music used to make me happy. Nothing makes me happy any more.