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Well I used to.....
Published on August 19, 2005 By TasT In Misc
I hate "Posers"

Well I used to.

It seems that no matter what what group you choose to belong to there are always those who want to fit in but don't.  They think that by wearing all the right cloths or saying all the right things that they can weasel their way in.  We all know that it doesn't work.

When I was younger I despised and made jokes about the posers that would show up in the country bars and clubs that I hung out in.  You could spot them from a mile away.  They always wore what ever was the most expensive clothing and such that they could purchase in the western wear store and for some reason thought it was cool to have those little chrome tips on their boots.

I'm a couple years older now and the "Posers" have changed, now they are wearing designer western shirts, Hilfiger and the such.  Their manners are worse and they don't know how to tuck in a shirt but, that's OK. 

I now realize that no matter what your group, "Posers" are a good thing.  They are lining the pockets of the folks that run the business that support our chosen group.  They may be annoying and you may want to punch them in the nose but, just remember they are supporting your cause and the trend will change soon and most of them will drift along with it.

My chosen group wont change even though it's not "Cool" anymore.

As Dolly Said, " I was country when country wasn't cool"

I'll be country cool or not as I suspect you'll belong to your chosen group no matter the coolness factor.

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on Aug 22, 2005
If you like it, wear it. It's not being a poser. It's enjoying the details and options of life.

TW, You are very right but I think you missed the point, posers are not only trying to dress and act the part they are trying for acceptance into which ever group they are posing for.
on Aug 22, 2005
ParaTed2k is just a Blogger poser!
on Aug 23, 2005

Everyone's a poser....you, me, everyone.

Acceptance is something everyone craves, but it's also something everyone makes fun of everybody else for craving.

I really adored what Tex had to say...she's a pimp.