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For CPR Chest Compressions
Published on August 20, 2005 By TasT In Health & Medicine
When I get high
I get high on speed
Top fuel funny car’s
A drug for me
My heart, my heart
Kickstart my heart

~Motley Crue

In a CPR class I attended the other day we were going over the hand placement for chest compressions.  Our instructor went through how to hold your hands and use the heel to do the compressions and place them in the center of the chest between the "nipples".  Of course my twisted brain istantly wondered, "What if I have to do CPR on a large saggy chested woman?"  Am I supposed to do chest compressions at her waist, cause that's where the nipples are?  She said between the nipples!

As the instructor knelt down to demonstrate she brought up my concerns by saying, "  You all know what happens to a womans chest as she gets older, visualize those boobs as being young and firm!  That should get your hands in the right spot!"

I don't know about getting my hands in the right spot, I think I can figure it out no matter how saggy the tits are, but I was somewhat surprised that those words came out of a AHA certified female instructor to a class full of men.

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