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Or Lets Cut out the middle man......
Published on September 13, 2005 By TasT In Misc

It's that time again.


Time for the company to do their yearly United Way Drive.  A silly PR stunt that many companies participate in each year.  From what I gather it works like this, they send each employee a little card that enables you to donate a percentage or a fixed amount to the United Way or through the United Way to your designated Cause.  But what it's really an effort on the companies part to be able to say that their company had 100% participation in a charity drive.  They accomplish this by stressing to everyone that you have to turn your card back in even if you mark it ZERO.  One of the managers let it slip a few years ago that they get the participation points, not for the amount donated but, for the percentage of cards returned.  So a company could have 100% participation with ZERO donations.  That is just silly.


Beyond that why would I want to donate to my selected charity through the United Way anyhow?

Lets Think about this....  Say I support the Tuskless Walrus Fund and donate to them through the United Way.  first from the info that I can gather the United Way will Take somewhere between 8 and 15 percent of what I donate for admin fees.  so the walruses are already down to say 90 cents on the dollar.  Then once the Tuskless Walrus Fund actually gets the money they will have admin fees also, lets say that they are low at only 5%. Now the folks in the field helping those poor walruses are now only getting 85.5 cents on the dollar.  This is great right? Those walruses got the dental help that they needed and only lost 14.5 percent of my donation.

What if I sent the donation directly to the Tuskless Walrus Fund though.  Then they would get 95% of my donation and a few more would be able to get those imitation tusk implants they so badly need.

As Geico says "We Cut Out The Middle Man!"

So am I saying that the United Way is bad? NO, it sure makes it easy to donate to charity.  And I'm sure many Charities depend on money coming through them but, before you sign that card and let them take a percentage of your income maybe you should consider getting off your lazy bum and taking the time to walk into your chosen charity's office or find their address or website and make a donation there.  That way you can ensure that the maximum amount of your donation will go to help.

But alas I know for many it's not about helping their Tuskless Walruses, it's about taking the easiest way out while still being able to brag that they donated X amount to charity for the year or Kissing your bosses bum. 


Think about those poor Tuskless Walruses............




(Note: To my knowledge the Tuskless Walrus fund exist only in my imagination)

on Sep 15, 2005
Already ahead of you on this one... for different reasons.

I used to give to the United Way, I figured it was a good way to give to many charities all at once. However, when they announced that they would no longer include the Boy Scouts of America, I quit sending money to them. For awhile all the money I used to donate to the United Way went to the Boy Scouts. Of course, now that I'm disabled my charitible donations have all but died out, but that's a whole different story.
on Sep 15, 2005
I give at the office so to speak, I give directly to the charity, simpy because I don't want to comtribute to the upper management back slapping at the % of participation they got and I don't like the admin costs issue....

Also didn't know that the United Way had dropped the BSA, that's really sad........