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September 23, 2003 by TasT
Can grandma use Linux? In short the answer is yes. But only if she doesn’t have to install any software, configure anything or add or remove any hardware. When configured properly a Linux box works great for surfing the net, sending email typing up a letter and just about any other simple home or office task but there are few things that will keep it from becoming a desktop for the masses any time real soon.


In the English language I read from left to right top to bottom ...
September 20, 2003 by TasT
It was 1980 something. Between riding my YZ60 and working on it I tapped away at the keypad of my 16k Ti 1000. Then as I graduated to the YZ80 I also moved on the to the commodore 64 which was followed by a 1541D double sided floppy drive, a real Zenith monitor (we didn’t have a TV at the time), and a Okidata 180 printer. I was one of the few to turn my reports in printed out instead of hand written or typed on a typewriter. I then moved on to a KX125 and a Headstart 286 system with a hard d...