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August 20, 2005 by TasT
When I get high
I get high on speed
Top fuel funny car’s
A drug for me
My heart, my heart
Kickstart my heart

~Motley Crue

In a CPR class I attended the other day we were going over the handplacement for chest compressions.  Our instructor went through howto hold your hands and use the heel to do the compressions and placethem in the center of the chest between the "nipples".  Of coursemy twisted brain istantly wondered, "What if I have to do CPR on alarge saggy chested woma...
November 27, 2004 by TasT
In recent weeks there has been much tado about theIdolization of skinny chicks, you know, the supermodel type.  Girls outthere let it be known we don't want them!  they are interesting to look atbut, that's about it. For one thing none of them have any breasts and most of usguys like for our girls to have breasts.  As far as it goes on the otherend no we don't want overweight girls either.  Most of us want to see anormal hourglass figure.  A definite difference between the Chest, Waistand hips, ...
October 22, 2004 by TasT
Iam colorblind.  My question is doyou really know what this means?  Forthe majority of those reading this I would guess that you don’t have a realunderstanding of it.  For thisarticle I am not going to go into the detail of the affliction mainly becausethat stuff is just too boring.  Atthe end of the article I’ll give you a list of links for those of you who areinterested in the particulars. What I want is to give you an understanding ofwhat 8% of us guys and .4% of women tha...