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October 14, 2004 by TasT
In the past few months I have watched an annoying trend. People uploading new walls and skins and then not even bothering to leave a comment or explanation.. This annoys the hell out of me. If someone has spent any time at all working on a new upload you would think that they woul at least want to tell me wnat resolutions it will work at or something.

For those that upload 3D wallpapaer if you don't leave some sort of comment it immediatly sets off the thef...
October 12, 2004 by TasT
I had alwaysmessed with the look of my computer from animated Icons in Windows 3.11 towindows themes in windows 95 but, I got addicted to windows customization in 1999.  I was running a couple ofweb sites and while out looking for a piece of software to review I ran intoWindowBlinds.  I just grabbed theshareware version and started using it.  The review turned into more of a how to article when Idecided to build a skin.  The skinwould be hideous to today's standards but ...