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November 4, 2004 by TasT
I have sat here and typed then deleted several times,wanting to attack the Senator Kerry supporters that are writing all the nuttystuff in their blogs.  After several articles written in a fury and thenpondered and deleted I realized that I don't want to attack them.  Whatgood would it do to make fun of or ridicule them.  They, I guess need thetime heal after their loss and then maybe they will come around. 

There are things that we will never agree on, but shouldmake comp...
October 6, 2004 by TasT
’Only if they will let me do it and the money is available’ should be the title of Senator John Kerry’s economic plan for America. While reading through his economic plan I discovered what seems to be an underlying theme of promises that just won’t ever materialize. I do however believe that he has written up quite the plan to get interest and probably some votes from the lower middle-income people and below. I think you’ll see what I mean as we go along, so for now let’s just jump right into s...