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June 7, 2006 by TasT
Have youever asked youself why you associate all Digital Music players to theterm iPod? Is it because Apple makes the best digital music player?No. Is it because all digital music players are iPods? No. Friendsit’s simply because they market their digital music player andbecause they do, they have a 70%+ share of the market.
I mustadmit I own an iPod, well if you count my daughters Nano I guess Iown two. I don’t own them because of marketing though, I ownone them because of what ...
June 4, 2006 by TasT
Afterpurchasing and using my 5G iPod for a few weeks it became apparent tome that I needed a set of external speakers for use at work and in myshop. I was hooked on having my entire music collection at myfingertips but felt tethered to the ear buds. Not knowing exactlywhat was out there I set my requirements. Simple I thought I neededa set of speakers that also came with a FM radio receiver so I couldlisten to sports talk radio and Baseball games.
Theobvious choice would be the iBoom. I loo...