Random Thoughts from TasT

There are many fixes and new features in the .5 release and it is plenty stable to use as your main email client. Be aware there is no installer you have to unzip the file to a directory and then run thunderbird.EXE.
on Feb 09, 2004
nice one, I am going to try this one now, thanks
on Feb 09, 2004
I use this app since a few months and today I like it better then Outlook Express.
The thing I most like is the fact that in the inverse of Outlook Express, the filters works!GO! GO!
on Feb 09, 2004
Yes, its very clean much better than Outlook and Mozilla mail.
on Feb 09, 2004
And they've finally included having multiple identities for an account. Not in the gui yet, but an essential feature for alias users like me.
on Feb 09, 2004
"And they've finally included having multiple identities for an account."

I will have to give it a try, that is the one thing I really like about Outlook Express. I have several email accounts, so this is a must for me. I will certainly give Thunderbird a try.

I am surprised they didn't rename it to ThunderFox.
on Feb 09, 2004
great, but won't let you use the same user name twice - I take a laptop between home and work and need the same incoming server settings (user name, email address, password) but a different SMTP server; and it won't allow it, so I am stuck with outlook for now.
on Feb 09, 2004
Woo! This program rocks! I'll never use Outlook again!
on Feb 10, 2004
Heuuu.. it was out long long time ago!
on Feb 11, 2004
I'll stick to Outlook anyway. Not Outlook Express, mind you, but full Outlook. The one from Office 2003 is still by far the best Mail client I've used.