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They are more evil than Credit Card Companies.
Published on October 1, 2003 By TasT In Misc
For quite some time now Missouri has had a “No Call List”. The list, for the most, part keeps for profit businesses from annoying me. The problem with the list is that it doesn’t prohibit charities and politicians from calling. The politicians aren’t that annoying they only call a few times a year. However the charities that tele-market are absolutely disgusting.

Next time one calls ask if the caller is a volunteer, 90% of the time the answer will be no. This tells me that the charity organizations are paying tele-marketers to peddle their charity. This in it’s self cheapens it for me and makes me wonder how much of your donation the charity will even get. And they are persistent just like they were peddling long distance phone service refusing to take no for an answer.

I they must interrupt me why can’t they send me their propaganda through the US Mail, they claim to need the business and when it arrives I can choose to toss it or read it without having some salesman try to sell the charity to me.

I refuse to give to any group that purposely interrupts my life with a phone call.

I no longer give to any charity that solicits through tele-marketing. This eliminates most all single focus national charities but this is alright with me. I now make my donations to each charity of my choice directly. For example, instead of the yearly garage sale that I used to have I now donate anything of value to the local Victory Mission. All monetary donations I make are dropped off at the local office for the charity.

I hope that the national No Call List is enacted with the ability to restrict all sorts of solicitation including political and charitable.

on Oct 02, 2003
Oh yeah, the lion share of the people who are calling you are from companies. Misc. Non-Profits, Police retirement fund, etc. all engage these companies because they are professionals (professional a**h*les) that bring in a lot more money than an volunteer with limited training can bring in (probably because they are cortoues and actually respect people's privacy to a certian extent). These companies take a percentage, so the more they can capitalize on the "noble cause", the better -- for them. So what can you do as an individual? Well, you can use Junkbuster's Anti-Telemarketing Script on http://www.junkbusters.com/ht/en/script.html.