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And My thoughts on Weight in general......
Published on November 27, 2004 By TasT In Health & Medicine

In recent weeks there has been much tado about the Idolization of skinny chicks, you know, the supermodel type.  Girls out there let it be known we don't want them!  they are interesting to look at but, that's about it. For one thing none of them have any breasts and most of us guys like for our girls to have breasts.  As far as it goes on the other end no we don't want overweight girls either.  Most of us want to see a normal hourglass figure.  A definite difference between the Chest, Waist and hips, if there isn't then get to work.  Eat right, and mix in some exercise of some sort ( this goes for the rail skinny chick too with emphasis on the eat right). Nuff said on that subject.

Now on to what bugs me and really should bug you girls too.  

In the circles I have to socialize ( if you can call it that) with I see too many FAT ( yes, I said FAT) guys with trophy wives or girlfriends. I understand that most of these guys either have truckloads of money or have the imminent potential to have it but, jeeez if your wife/Girlfriend is smokin' hot wouldn't you want to at least be presentable? What's worse is I see it even with regular people, big ol' fat guy with a hottie.  There's just something wrong with that.

Don't you girls put some kind of limits on what you'll put up with? And don't give me the "we love what's inside" trip, you have to be attracted to the guy's appearance first under normal circumstances. Aren't you worried about the guys health? That's my thing, I wouldn't ever date an overweight woman ( If I lost my wife for some reason) because it's just not attractive and I have seen the health problems it causes with my mother and my wife's relatives. High blood pressure, high cholesterol, loss of strength, loss of stamina, depression, diabetes, problems doing simple things such as walking, etc.........

WE have a "FAT" problem in the USA and we need to fix it not make it OK. If you are FAT you need to do something about whether you are male or female. And Girls you need to put some pressure on your men to at least stay at a healthy weight as determined by him and his doctor, not by some BMI index or height/weight chart. Being FAT is not OK and neither is being Rail Skinny. We all need to strive to be somewhere in between, a healthy weight.  Your life depends on it.


BTW I speak after being on both ends of the spectrum. I was way too skinny ( 5'6" and 120 pounds) a few years ago.  So, I started eating properly and was a regular at the gym.  Over 7 years I gained 50 or so healthy pounds. Then 2 years ago I stared back in school and didn't have time for everything, so the gym had to go.  I went from 175  pounds and healthy to 180 and FAT in a matter of about 18 months.  Since then I have squeezed in the time for kayaking and an elliptical trainer that I have and adjusted my diet for my current activity level. I'm now a fairly happy 150.  Though I can't wait for the next year of school to be over so I can get back to the gym......

I know this post kinda wonders here and there, but hey, the Blogs name is TasT's RANDOM Thoughts.


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on Apr 05, 2005
I dated a "bigger" guy and was fine with that... until he got his blood pressure taken. It was so high that I was afraid for him. I had already "forced" him to quit smoking (He could smoke all he wanted, but I wasn't going to kiss an ash tray) so I tried to get him to walk with me. Now, I'm no skinny chick by any means, but my cholesterol is good, blood pressure good, sugar good (my name is more of an attitude than a medical condition) and everything but the thyroid is working properly.

I was concerned with his health, not his appearance. I like the way he looked, he was taller than me (a must)and had a handsome face. I would not have complained if he had gained or lost weight. But I agree that health is an issue.
on Jun 03, 2005
But I agree that health is an issue.

That is the whole point! and finally someone agrees!!!!!!!! I hope that he took some action to correct his situation......
on Dec 10, 2006
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